Wednesday, 21 May 2008

About SSD/Linux

SSD/Linux is the Linux distribution developed by Plat'Home, for use with the MicroServer series. The distribution is optimized to fit on a small internal ROM, while offering all necessary functions for networking and peripheral devices.
The name of the distribution is derived from its place of development, Sotokanda in Tokyo, in imitation of BSD. It is published under a BSD-style open license. See the User's Guide for more information.SSD/Linux is not a product. So Plat'Home does provide support and do not reply questions. Now voluntarily SSD/Linux forum will provide this service as we can. Please help us to find more bugs, and to fix security holes which you find.
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If you like to download files and source code and installation files please click here

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Rajendra said...

As my experience you can develop any type of application that runs in your mobile SD card by using SSD/Linux concept. This opens the idea for developing mobile application. It is good idea. Thanks for SSD/Linux developer and source code for Micro-server

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