Thursday, 4 September 2008

Two weeks to go!

Pretty interesting! We're gotten quite a few different ideas, stretching what we had in mind people wanted to use Linux for. Home automation, solar power infrastructure, on-board ship monitoring and control, even gaming... and lots more.

Two more weeks left! Please don't be shy. Remember, it doesn't need to be extreme. Our Linux servers are tough, but they're mostly used in homes and offices. Tough is good for normal use, too!

Send in your ideas, and may the best proposal win!

IDEA: Unleash a Fury of Kids!

einfeldt said...

Throw a server or two at us and let us have our middle school students bang on it for a while for video editing, photo editing, music editing, and (gasp) Internet browsing! Have you ever seen a roomful of 12 year-olds stress testing an Internet connection? It's not pretty.

Oh, we have seen what school kids can do to hardware! And yes, it's not pretty! Luckily, the OpenMicroServer is made in Japan and built with a sturdy aluminum case which can take on the odd drop or juice spill.

IDEA: A Super Server to Run All Servers

Mark said...

Alongside my Bulletin Board System, media server, and Apache, I would love the opportunity to see if the Microserver could stand up to the test of running all of these servers in addition to an ArcIMS viewer.

That's an interesting page you have running, and the OpenMicroServer would sure be a power-saving alternative to host it. The question remains what threatening environment you offer that demands roughed-up server hardware? It doesn't have to be a hurricane. Or a bunch of school kids. Maybe you have a nasty house cat?

News and Happenings from the Japanese Linux Pioneer

Colin said...

I would use the Plat'Home server as an irrigation controller. I have developed software to control my ranch's irrigation system (5 acres of irrigated pasture and orchard). The problem I have is the controller in the pump room is subject to California Foothills summer heat (40C and more) and, worse, ubiquitous dust. I have yet to find a server that can run reliably in this environment.

Ah yes, the Californian summer is a challenge for hardware! We haven't had much of a summer over here in Tokyo yet, but I've heard this year has been pretty hot in the States. Our OpenMicroServer is already controlling things like a conveyor belt for sushi, so why not a water pump for a ranch in California?

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

About SSD/Linux

SSD/Linux is the Linux distribution developed by Plat'Home, for use with the MicroServer series. The distribution is optimized to fit on a small internal ROM, while offering all necessary functions for networking and peripheral devices.
The name of the distribution is derived from its place of development, Sotokanda in Tokyo, in imitation of BSD. It is published under a BSD-style open license. See the User's Guide for more information.SSD/Linux is not a product. So Plat'Home does provide support and do not reply questions. Now voluntarily SSD/Linux forum will provide this service as we can. Please help us to find more bugs, and to fix security holes which you find.
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